TKG Indoor Golf Range


A civil engineering construction company established 70 years ago in Saijyo-City, Ehime is opening an indoor golf driving range as its new business. Many people in the construction industry enjoy playing golf as their hobby. We were asked to create a golf driving range that could also be used as a community for fellow golfers.
The partitions between the individual practice booths were made into triangular shapes to both reduce the line of sight for concentration, and to create a sense of unity throughout the entire indoor space. The putting practice booth and the VIP booth are gently divided by using a ball net as a partition between the two spaces.
The interior is unified with matte black cloth and painted steel parts to reduce excess light reflection and maximize the screen’s visual appeal.

  • Construction: 西安建設株式会社
  • Lighting Design: 宮地電機株式会社
  • Photo by Shuhei Miyahata