Visionaries of the Kaleidoscope

ロンドンのギャラリーでキネティックアートインスタレーションを行った。イギリスの科学者により発明され、日本でも和紙などの伝統工芸と結びつき親しまれている 「万華鏡」をモチーフに、空間を変容させる装置を作った。 装置の作成に当たっては、万華鏡折り紙の動きをデジタル解析し、モデル化している。 2つの国をつなぐ背景を持ったモチーフで作られたこの展示を通して、両国の関係や文化を再考する機会となればと思っている。

We organized a kinetic art exhibition in London. The motif of the project was a kaleidoscope. The kaleidoscope was invented by a British scientist in the 19th century. It was imported in Japan in Edo era and engaged with Japanese traditional crafts, such as Japanese paper, glass, and ceramics. Using this intercultural motif, this exhibition intended to provide an opportunity to reconsider the connection and difference between cultures of both countries. For the creation of the kinetic art of the kaleidoscopes, we utilized digital technologies. We analyzed the movements of the ‘Kaleidoscope Origami’ with a digital parametric tool. Several digital models were made by the software to plan the installation. In terms of the control of mechanism, we approached the method of Auduino and stepping motors in the field of electrical crafts. We are interested in the technological developments that potentially affect the manners of design and art.

  • Project year: 2018
  • Work as Asa+Yu
  • Duration: 10th - 21st Sep 2018
  • Venue: TOTO Concept Store, London
  • Photo by Soma Sato