Elevated City Phenomenon

無機質なビル群を象徴する様々なサイズのステンレスケースに、通行人を映し出すハーフミラーを取り付けた。ハーフミラーを透過して一定の間隔で浮き上がるLEDライトは、オフィスビルの明かりや夜の街のネオンを想起させる。 モダンジャズバンドmouse on the keysのフロントマンである川﨑氏に、都会の煌びやかさと冷たさを同時に感じさせるような音楽を作曲してもらった。音楽がLEDの発光と呼応し、ミラーの映り込みと重なり合いながら都市の現象を表現する。

It is said that the invention of elevator radically accelerated the “high-risation” of the city. This art installation in an elevator hall where could symbolise the vertically developing metropolises, expressed and reconsidered our lives in skyscrapers.
This city as a centre of trend is full of fashionable people and substantial information. There are plenty chances of encounters and discoveries. On the other hand, we may feel coldness, loneliness, and sense of estrangement which peculiar to big cities. In the highly systematised society, chaotic city aspects such as laughing voices, neon light, sounds of rain hitting the road surface and car horn are taking place.
We who are always connected to the network by a smartphone and a laptop and expanding the body as the sensory organ, may start recognising these aspects of the city as an autonomous and collective "phenomenon". If so, the border between real and virtual will vanish, and we may be able to redefine our existence in the city “phenomenon” that is densely condensed the history of thoughts and activities of the human beings.

  • Exhibition period: 2021/5/15- On going

  • Venue: NEWoMan新宿 1Fエレベーターホール

  • Music: 川崎 昭 (mouse on the keys)

  • Cooperated with 堀川淳一郎、貝沼泉実

  • Photo by Satoshi Hamano, Yusuke Ando Architects

  • Official website:
  • https://elevated-city-phenomenon.com